About me

Current positions:

  • Product Manager Water and Nutrition at HortiMaX.
    Product Manager on fertilizer mixers, disinfection systems (Low pressure UV-c), irration computers, advanced sensors. HortiMaX is a worldwide supplier of Climate & Energy, Water & Nutrition, Labour & Productivity and Operation & Analysis for professional horticulture. Ridder Drive Systems (www.ridder.com) is shareholder of HortiMaX. We cooperate to supply our products worldwide.
    For business please contact me at msuurmond@hortimax.nl. Focus on export and international business, however, The Netherlands is a great source for horticultural engineering.


  • Board member of Stichting Aprisco, (unpaid function).
    Aprisco Foundation helps street children of Rio de Janeiro, there are many children in risk situation. Foundation Aprisco is a drop at the right place. I'm a general board member, visited Brasil for six times, and involved in public communication and events in The Netherlands.


    Fundação Aprisco ajuda crianças de rua do Rio de Janeiro, há muitas crianças em situação de risco. Fundação Aprisco é uma gota no lugar certo. Eu sou membro conselho geral, visitou Brasil por seis vezes, e envolvido em comunicação pública e eventos na Holanda.




  • Member Comité Kroonbede (www.kroonbede.nl), (unpaid function).
    Board member of Kroonbede Commission, each year one week before the opening of the Dutch parlementary year there is a special church service, what's broadcasted on Dutch national radio. All Dutch senators, MP's, Ministers, state secretaries, mayor , aldermen and munical councilors and citizens of The Hague are invited.
    My role is to maintain website and social media, this is a complex project in terms communication, and working together with broadcast organisation and national institutions.
  • 2009-2012 Manager Testing & Acceptance and Quality at HortiMaX.
    Responsible for ISO9001 certification, company directive BRL8001 and for the test department, as well software test as hardware tests. Internal and external tests.
  • 2012 Coastal skipper exam (sea sailing, CWO3 and Marcom B) at Zeezeilschool.nl (www.zeezeilschool.nl)
  • 2002-2010 President Works Committee (Dutch: Ondernemingsraad) of HortiMaX.
  • 2006-2010 Councillor duo-membership (Dutch: Fractievertegenwoordiger) city counsil of The Hague (www.denhaag.nl).
  • 2001 Master Agricultural Engineering (specialisation: measuring and control engineering) at Wageningen University. (Dutch: Landbouwkundig Ingenieur) (www.wur.nl).
  • Scientific publications:
      1) "Development of a MIMO nutrient controller in a recycled greenhouse cropping system (1999)", Thesis WUR (Wageningen University and Research centre), experiments at IMAG-DLO Wageningen.
      2) "A greenhouse water supply controller : A design based on system identification of closed growing systems (2000)", Gieling, T.H., Janssen, H.J.J., Straten, G., Van, Suurmond, M. 
      3) "Identification and simulated control of greenhouse closed water supply systems (2000)", Gieling, Th.H., Janssen, H.J.J., Van Straten, G.J., Suurmond, M.
      4) "An exploration to the suitability of cybernetic models, Thesis measuring and control engineering, WUR (2000)", M. Suurmond
  • 2000 Internship in Bangladesh (climate management of seed storage places.
  • 1999 Thesis "Development of a MIMO nutrient controller in a recycled greenhouse cropping system (1999)" at IMAG DLO/Wageningen University (www.wur.nl).

    More info: please connect me on Linkedin.