Hortiplan and Hortimax join forces on algae growing project

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Over the next few decades, we'll be facing the huge challenge of meeting the basic needs of the world's growing population. Microalgae (microscopic algae) are a promising alternative for the production of biomass. They have a high nutritional value and don't require fertile soil or fresh water to grow. On 25 September, a continuous photobioreactor for the cultivation of algae was officially unveiled during a seminar at Thomas More University College in Belgium. Both Hortiplan and HortiMaX supplied part of the technology for this project.

Photo of the photobioreactor, installed in a greenhouse at Thomas More College

Help! We’re running out of phosphorus

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Over the last few years, there has been much discussion about the availability of phosphorus: one of the key nutrients needed for plant growth. Like water, it’s becoming increasingly scarce.

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Publised in April 2014 by HortiMaX (author: Michiel Suurmond)

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